Introduction au «DevSecOps»

Origine du DevOps et du DevSecOps Le DevOps est une philosophie née suite aux mouvements Agile et Lean des années 2000-2005. Ces mouvements avaient pour objectifs de rendre le développement plus flexible et plus rapide, tout en bâtissant des applications de qualité, centrées sur les besoins des utilisateurs. L’application de ces méthodes a augmenté la capacité de livraison des équipes de développement et a changé la planification de leurs besoins en infrastructure. []

How to setup a MS SQL server for non-DBA systems administrators

It’s a fact that most MS SQL servers running in organizations are not built by DBAs. Small, medium and even larger organizations don’t hire professional DBAs. Even in environments where there are DBAs, it will happen quite often that databases servers were built by sysadmins for various reasons. Microsoft did a great job as it’s easy to setup a SQL server, probably too easy and it will run “fine” without too much effort… for how long? []

My Podcast Playlist

Podcasts are for me a great source of information and knowledge. While I’m commuting, I’m either on the phone or listening to poscasts about various subjects. I just went through my podcast playlist summer cleanup and, as technology evolves quickly, many of them were abandoned and not updated for years. Here is the list of what I kept, sorted by subjects: Databases & Data Data Driven The podcast where we explore the emerging field of Data Science. []

Does Nutanix give up its roots?

Over the last few months I’ve been observing a lot of changes in Nutanix market strategy. While it’s probably for the greater good, I feel forgotten as a customer who chose their hyperconverged solution for technological reasons, but also to align with my employer financial model preferences. First, I must admit that I’m biased towards Nutanix: I’ve been following them since 2013 and when I got an opportunity, I became a customer in 2016. []

I'm Back

After more than two years of being offline, this blog is back. I originally started it in 2006, when I was a DBA; at this time, I was talking about MS SQL and also about Open Source subjects. As my career was evolving, I moved to IT security and management responsibilities, my subjects of discussion followed the same path. At the beginning of 2016, seeing that I didn’t posted anything in the last year, a result of some work life balance challenges: a young family at home and so many hours spent at work, I decided to shutdown my old WordPress blog. []