Does Nutanix give up its roots?

Over the last few months I’ve been observing a lot of changes in Nutanix market strategy. While it’s probably for the greater good, I feel forgotten as a customer who chose their hyperconverged solution for technological reasons, but also to align with my employer financial model preferences. First, I must admit that I’m biased towards Nutanix: I’ve been following them since 2013 and when I got an opportunity, I became a customer in 2016. [Read More]

I'm Back

After more than two years of being offline, this blog is back. I originally started it in 2006, when I was a DBA; at this time, I was talking about MS SQL and also about Open Source subjects. As my career was evolving, I moved to IT security and management responsibilities, my subjects of discussion followed the same path. At the beginning of 2016, seeing that I didn’t posted anything in the last year, a result of some work life balance challenges: a young family at home and so many hours spent at work, I decided to shutdown my old WordPress blog. [Read More]